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Our community has nearly 450 adult members or about 350 families. Membership ranges from the very young to the old. Our members are a diverse group, with a huge range of professions and interests. Many live within a five mile radius of the synagogue, but we do have members from much further afield who could not imagine being a member anywhere else.

Over the course of an average week at the synagogue, you will see members playing bridge, rock and jazz musicians rehearsing for a service, adults studying Hebrew and subjects of Jewish interest, children learning to do Israeli dancing, attend youth club or studying Hebrew, young and old attending services on Shabbat and a Monday Afternoon Club social for the older members of our community.

There are many families who have more than one faith in the household or Jewish and no-faith. These families are absolutely welcomed into our community and the non-Jewish individual often finds themselves sucked into the excitement of being part of a community. Therefore, we offer non-Jews who are spouses or partners the opportunity to become a friend of the synagogue or have a mixed family membership, to reflect their commitment and to give them an honoured status as supportive of Jewish life at FPS.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Rabbi Rebecca Qassim Birk at rabbi@fps.org or visit the Membership section (Join Us) of the website.


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