Our Community

Our community has nearly 450 adult members or about 350 families. Membership ranges from the very young to the old. Our members are a diverse group, with a huge range of professions and interests. Many live within a five mile radius of the synagogue, but we do have members from much further afield who could not imagine being a member anywhere else.

Over the course of an average week at the synagogue, you will see members playing bridge, rock and jazz musicians rehearsing for a service, adults studying Hebrew and subjects of Jewish interest, children learning to do Israeli dancing, attend youth club or studying Hebrew, young and old attending services on Shabbat and a Thursday Lunch Club social for the older members of our community.

There are many families who have more than one faith in the household or Jewish and no-faith. These families are absolutely welcomed into our community and the non-Jewish individuals often finds themselves sucked into the excitement of being part of a community. Therefore, we offer non-Jews who are spouses or partners the opportunity to become a friend of the synagogue or have a mixed family membership, to reflect their commitment and to give them an honoured status as supportive of Jewish life at FPS.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Rabbi Rebecca Qassim Birk at rabbi@fps.org or visit the Membership section (Join Us) of the website.


Our Council (in alphabetical order):


   Alan Banes   Alan-Banes

I have been a member for many years and now have the privilege and honour of being the President of our synagogue.

Attending Council meetings shows how committed its members are to making our synagogue a vibrant community.

W 10.14    Viktoria (aka Wika) Dorosz

This is my second ‘stint’ on Council. I am currently responsible for our twinning with Mogilev (Belarus), the Rosh Chodesh Group and the website. I also work with Beit Tefillah and in the library and am an enthusiastic member of the synagogue’s book, film and theatre clubs.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Jacqui Fawcett    Jacqui Fawcett

I am married with two adult children. I am an A-level teacher and as Council member I co-ordinate the Contacts and Care Group of the synagogue.

IMG_1562    Braham Fredman

As Council member my special area of responsibility is Security. I make sure that members do not forget the duty dates for which they volunteered.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Louise Gellman  Louise Gellman


I am joint Vice Chair at FPS with special responsibility for our Ivriah (religion school), working with our head teacher Adele and our young, inspiring teachers to deliver an enriching and fun experience for our children. I’ve always been involved in Liberal Judaism, and am delighted that my two girls are now going to camps and events run by our youth movement, LJY-Netzer, as I did in my teenage years.

Josie Kinchin    Josie Kinchin

I have been a member of FPS since childhood and my grandchildren are fourth generation FPS members. My working life was teaching and latterly IT Support and my voluntary involvement in FPS over 50+ years has reflected my working life. I ran the Synagogue Guide Company, taught in Ivriah and have been a member of various groups and committees and twice held the role of Chairperson. Currently I am the Honorary Secretary and I also work with Beit Tefillah.

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Alex Kinchin-Smith    Alex Kinchin-Smith

I was very involved in the Liberal youth movement (LJY-Netzer) for many years, working for the movement full time after a gap-year in Israel. Formerly from Kingston Liberal, I joined Finchley Progressive some 20 years ago. I live in North Hertfordshire with my wife Paula and two boys: Jacob and Asher.


Adrian Lister   Adrian Lister

I am currently on FPS Council and Executive as one of the two Vice-Chairs. My particular interest and responsibility is Adult Education – I organise the weekly Beit Midrash evening lecture and discussion series, and the informal Saturday morning Café Ivriah discussions.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Martin Silk    Martin writing his log on the houseboat

I am Honorary Treasurer and I see my role as monitoring the FPS income and expenditure and reporting on this to the Executive and Council during the year. I try to help the people responsible for spending the money to plan ahead, prioritise spending and get good value for money. I help the accountant and auditor prepare the annual accounts and present these at the AGM.




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