Services – Beit Tefillah – A House of Prayer

At FPS we try to be creative and thoughtful with our services. There are different kinds of services throughout the month, that we hope meet different needs. In true Liberal Tradition our services are committed to an engaged spirituality. Music is a great part of prayer at FPS and so our services are led by their music as well as by our rabbis.

Friday Evenings
All our services are 6.30pm. Occasionally we have a well publicised Chavurah dinner so the community eats together.

1st Friday is Resouled Unplugged – An uplifting welcome to Shabbat with prayer, acoustic guitar and vocals
2nd Friday is Family Friday night led by our rabbi with some of young people
3rd Friday is Shabbat Resouled when the band leads 100+ people in singing and moving through the service
4th Friday is a reflective and traditional Erev Shabbat service.

Upcoming Events

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