About Us

Our synagogue is built on the three pillars of Judaism

Beit Knesset – A House of Meeting
We hope our synagogue is the supportive structure in people’s lives, a place that reinforces community. We have a keen pastoral care team who try best to support all members and our rabbi sees this as a high priority of her time.

Beit Midrash – A House of Study
Providing opportunities for text study, discussion, formal and informal learning from cradle to grave

Beit Tefillah – A House of Prayer
Shabbat, festivals and life cycle are offered in several forms: with organ, piano and/or guitar; reflective and creative. We use Siddur Lev Chadash and adapted family service prayerbooks with a mix of Hebrew and English

We hope all three happen with warmth and intention here at FPS.

Rabbi Rebecca Qassim Birk MTS MA

Assistant Rabbi Rene Pfertzel
Emeritus Rabbi Dr Frank Hellner
Cheder Headteacher
Adele Silk
In-house Musicians Franklyn Gellnick/Dean Staker
Synagogue Manager Pauline Gusack pauline@fps.org
Community Manager Angela Wharton angela@fps.org

Chair Alex Kinchin-Smith
Vice-Chairs Louise Gellman, Adrian Lister
Treasurer Martin Silk
Honorary Secretary Josie Kinchin

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