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The FPS Youth Club is running monthly sessions for school years 2-6 called ‘secret cinema club’. Every month we get together for a Saturday evening from 5pm – 8pm and play games, make pizza and watch a mystery film, which participants are given clues to during the week! Upcoming dates are 8th February, 22nd March, 3rd May and 14th June. If you are not on the mailing list for this please email Sam Grant for more information.

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As always you can join children from other Liberal Synagogues for the remarkable LJY-Netzer events:

MACHANEH AVIV (April 8th – 13th). Whether you want to see old friends or meet some new ones, this is the perfect event for you! If you’re in school years 3-10 come along and enjoy arts and crafts, activities, playing, praying and learning. Everyone is welcome to become a part of this inclusive community, so join in with the fun as our team of friendly, trained madrichim (leaders) guide you through an action packed five days. You’ll have such a great time you won’t want to go home!

MACHANEH KADIMAH (AUGUST 14TH- 27TH) A two week Summer camp with over a hundred people come together for activities, trips, fun, games, drama, sports, learning, discos, swimming, praying, relaxing and so much more. If you’ve been before you know how good it is, if you have not been, then what are you waiting for, sign up or try one of the earlier events to gauge whether you would like the type of activities going on!

CONTACT: Tom Francies- 020 7631 9825 or check out the LJY website

Also check out KAYITZ: A trip for school year 12 around four different European Cities, tracing the Jewish history in London, Prague, Budapest and Berlin – find out about the successes and the tragedies of European Jewry in a trip that no other organisation has the chutzpah to run!


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